Memories that Matter with

Sir Rod Stewart

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Memories that Matter

'Memories that Matter' is a new concept of story telling I have created, designed to bring a series of one-off special events to a small, select audience. Each event is unique and emotionally significant for everyone involved.  

It is a chance for our guest artist to share their special memories with us, to celebrate the songs that mean the most to them in an experience they have directly helped curate; from their favourite food and flowers to the menu of cocktails and wine. For those of us in the audience we have the unique opportunity to share those memories and, by doing so, we are making our own memories of an evening we will hold dear for the rest of our lives.   

Why are memories so important? I believe they can be an incredible resource when we find ourselves in the most challenging moments of life, often at a time of serious illness or uncertainty when we feel at our most powerless. Our most treasured memories can provide the light to sustain us, bringing us closer to our dearest friends and family. I encourage every one of us to cherish moments of pleasure no matter how big or small, to acknowledge that we are the curator of our own series of experiences in life and the memories we are making. 

I am especially happy that all proceeds from the first event this November will benefit Teenage Cancer Trust, an important and wonderful charity, of which I am a proud Patron.  

More to follow…