Patron – Teenage Cancer Trust 

‘Memories that Matter’ – Intimate & personal events featuring global mega-stars.

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I’ve designed the ‘Memories that Matter’ event to be a unique and emotionally significant charity event.

This is not some generic charity dinner and an obligatory performance. It’s an incredibly intimate dinner party, thrown for and by an artist of global stature – to share things that have mattered to them and things that they hold dear. The event has the sole purpose of creating a new memory, a vivid moment of joy, one that everyone in attendance gets to take away, inspired to take up similar actions in their own lives and with those who are living with cancer. Imagine an event where an artist shares not just the music, but many of the details – from the food they love, their favourite wine, the entire vibe, all chosen by our artist. The songs the artist sings could be their most undiscovered, or by artists who have inspired them, the dessert could be something that evokes a wonderful memory from their childhood etc. The point is our chosen artist is one human being with a lifetime of memories – and we want to give them a setting to share the little things that have mattered to them – a huge reminder to all involved to keep MAKING MEMORIES.

My first event for Teenage Cancer Trust takes place this November with Sir Rod Stewart and his band.

Patron Event – Groucho Club, London

Groucho Club, London